A nocturnal wildlife camera trap designed specifically for recording bat roosts in trees. The camera trap detects ultra-fast motion events at night and records bats emerging and re-entering from tree roosts.


  • Ultra-fast detection
  • Simple setup
  • Water and stormproof - the camera is IP68 rated
  • Proven to capture entire sequences of bat emergence and re-entry flights
  • Data saving technology - only saves video clips containing movement
  • Efficient power usage - can run between 10 and 20 nights on a battery
  • Recording scheduled between sunset and sunrise based on UK coordinates
  • Software updates
  • No red glow visible from the infra-red source
  • Lens fixed at 1.5m distance

  • Recording videos of bats at their roosts
  • Identifying bat behaviour outside of roosts
  • Surveying trees - proving presence/ absence in a given tree
  • Recording the length of time that individual roosts are used
  • Monitoring tree mitigation/ exclusion and disturbance
  • Counting the numbers of bats in a roost
  • Identifying movements of bats across woodlands
  • Could be used with other animals such as swifts, dormice and newts


Sample videos recorded on the camera can be viewed here:

REFLEX Youtube Channel



The camera unit costs £600.
It takes approximately one month to assemble and post once ordered.


Batteries must be bought directly from the suppliers due to postage and requirements for safety documentation. The suppliers are based in mainland Europe. The costs below are estimated on a euro to GBP exchange rate of 0.87.
There are three different batteries available:

  • a £150 3.3kg lithium ion battery + £60 charger + £60 custom suitcase (IP67 rated) - lasts for c.10 nights
  • a £270 7.9kg lithium ion battery + £60 charger + £60 custom suitcase (IP67 rated) - lasts for c.20 nights
  • a £100 15kg cube battery + £100 car battery charger + £20 dry bag - lasts for c.12 nights


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